Archery can be an intimidating sport to learn.  Although there have been many programs that teach the basics of archery and how to shoot a bare bow, there isn’t a program available that teaches new archers how to transition from shooting a bare bow to a bow that is set up for bowhunting or target archery.  Sights, arrow rests, peeps and releases can be intimidating.  Archers USA is now offering a new training system that will help make the transition from school archery to bowhunting a simple one.

Archers USA has developed the ISC System, which stands for Individual Shooters Code.  This 6 digit code  is derived from release body length, strap settings, peep aperture, bow draw weight, sight elevation and windage. With this code, an archer can walk into a participating bow shop, choose an ICS bow off the rack, and be shooting accurately in minutes. This simple process makes the sport of archery and bowhunting less intimidating to someone new to the sport.

We believe the bare bow has always been the go to because instructors and shop owners did not have the time to spend adjusting cams, moving peeps, adjusting sights and adjusting releases. These are the reasons we developed this equipment. When using the ISC System, all these problems are a thing of the past. The ICS System makes setting up a bow easy for a bow shop and fun for the new archer. 

This equipment works well in classroom environment and for dealers as rental equipment. When a person is interested in archery and there are no classes available in their area, they will search out pro shops in hopes they can try archery. What better way than to set them up with a rental which makes the shops money and creates a successful archer. This success leads to new customers, equipment sales, and most importantly knowledgeable archers.  

“We created this system as a way to make bowhunting and target shooting fun and easy to get into. For too long, setting up a bow has been a complicated process that intimidates people. The ICS System created by Archers USA simplifies the process and makes getting started in the sport of archery and bowhunting fun and easy,” Dale Morrell said.