Our Legacy

A Way of Life for Over 30 Years

Morrell Manufacturing, Inc. was established in 1986.

When Dale took a simple idea and turned it to a business in his garage, he never knew how it would grow into the brand that it is today. Back then it was all about products that made sense coupled with kind and courteous customer service. After all, the customers are the people who kept coming back to Morrell Targets.

Today, our focus is even more strongly keen on keeping our products ahead of the pack by developing new technologies, new designs, and new innovations.

And our customer service? It’s still second to none!

Not only are we staying ahead of the industry in technology and innovation, but we are also bringing it at the right price.

Value has always been at the heart of our customer service. Through the years, Morrell Targets has enjoyed steady growth because taking care of our customers and their individual needs has always been our most important mission. And that includes bringing a quality product at the right price!

Through our direct involvement in competitive shooting, we have supplied targets to all major tournament organizations and know exactly how much abuse a target must be able to withstand. We believe we have developed the strongest archery targets in the business – they look better, last longer and provide more enjoyment for the shooter.

And now, with our involvement with the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), we are investing in the up-and-coming generation of archers - in our future. We believe in not only the sport, but also the value and power of young people being involved with something special!

We take great pride in our products, because they are made right here in the USA.

For 20+ years running, Morrell Manufacturing has been voted #1 in both consumer and dealer contests. These are just a few of the reasons why we say when you buy Morrell Targets, you’re not just buying an archery product. You’re buying so much more, and you’ll keep coming back!

We guarantee it.