Target Care


For field point targets, we recommend rotating bag targets every 75-100 shots and frequently changing the bull’s-eye being shot. This process will push fabric back to the area that has already been shot and increase the longevity of your target.

After many shots have been fired into your Morrell® Target, lay your target face down on the side with the most shots into it. Stomp heavily on the back side of the target. This should move material around to areas that have been shot. Hanging a target by the eyelets allows the target to swing. Permitting this swing motion when the arrow hits, will allow for lost energy and increase the life of the target.

Making sure that practice tips match the arrow shaft diameter will increase the ease of arrow removal. Most carbon shafts are 9/16 in, but shooters should check their local dealer on which size to use.

Caring for Broadhead Targets

Due to today’s high speed bows and crossbows, target manufacturers have to increase foam density in order to acquire durability and longevity. Increasing the foam density also increases friction as an arrow enters the target.

Morrell® Targets suggest that ONLY broadhead tipped arrows be shot at our broadhead targets. Field points create more friction and heat when entering the foam, creating a strong bond between the shaft and the foam. If an archer mistakenly shoots a field point into a broadhead target, he or she should try TWISTING AND PULLING to break the bond apart to remove the arrow.