At Morrell®, we know that today's youth are the future of our industry and our country.

The National Archery in the Schools Program provides an excellent program for our youth to excel in teamwork, self-worth and self-confidence while learning an enjoyable and useful skill.  

No other company is more concerned about the future of our youth than Morrell® Targets.

Morrell® donates to the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) by means of scholarship money and target support. Morrell® Targets are the official target of NASP state and national tournaments and has earned the honor of being named a Gold Medal level sponsor. We also donate a percentage back to the NASP Foundation in each state for every NASP Eternity Target sold.

Morrell® Targets has developed the ultimate “in school” target system with our NASP Eternity Target.  The NASP Eternity Target is equipped with 220 layers of material, which makes it incredibly tough and greatly extends the life of the target. It comes with non-skid wheels for easy maneuvering and a tip proof stabilizing bar. Morrell® makes it easy to refurbish worn NASP targets to further extend the life of the target by offering refurbishing kits at a price that is impossible to beat.

Morrell® is proud to back such a great program that is so dedicated to the future of our youth and to the future of this industry!  Go Kids!