We Support Varsity Archery

Varsity Archery

At Morrell®, we know that today's youth are the future of our industry and our country.

In 2013, Dale Morrell had this brilliant idea that if we could only get kids to try advanced archery equipment, they'd be hooked, like when he was a youth. Little did he know then that this idea would take him on a 4-year journey of failure and success before he was able to work through the kinks of teaching advanced archery to new and seasoned archers.

Out of that idea, Archers USA Foundation was created. A non-profit that is dedicated to helping non-profits, states, and organizations to implement advanced archery. 

"I pledge to do everything in my power to assist our youth in everything they need to become accurate, life-long archers." - Dale Morrell

Check out Archers USA Foundation, just click here.

Morrell® sponsors Archers USA Foundation by means of in-kind support.