Yellow Jacket® Mod Pro

New for 2024, the Yellow Jacket MOD Pro is a modular style target. In a controlled research group, we asked several professional competing archers what their ideal archery target needs were.

The MOD Pro is the target these pros collaborated on. It is built like an Outdoor Range target 29” x 13” x 31” 55lbs, stopping both compounds and crossbows up to 435 fps. The front shooting side has several built-in bullseyes for long distances and precision with our archer skills test bullseyes.

The back shooting side is blank for an archer to fill in their custom shooting design or to cover with a MOD Pro target face. MOD Pro’s technology can transform target facing easily without any straps, target pins, string, rope, screws, or hooks. Morrell’s unique design includes Velcro down the side of the MOD Pro and refitted on the MOD Pro faces.

For extra functionality, the MOD Pro faces have grommets for use with preexisting targets if needed. MOD Pro technology allows an archer to tune their bow with the MOD Pro Tuning + Precision face and switch out faces to any MOD Pro target face in a matter of seconds. The Velcro allows for quick swapping of any of the target faces. Seven target faces include Tuning + Precision, Long Distance 80cm, NFAA 40cm + 60cm, ASA + IBO Scoring, NFAA Redding Bullseyes, Buck + Turkey, and Games.

The pros requested a solid tan background to have high visibility with sight pins and all major tournament bullseyes. To add a complete archery target experience, the MOD Pro has a target face for hunters with deer and turkey vitals, and for recreationists, it has a game target face. The MOD Pro hits every need of the professional, hunter, and recreational archer.