Tips from Lee Lakosky

There is no question Lee Lakosky knows how to shoot a bow and execute a shot when a big buck is standing broadside. We recently interviewed Lee about overcoming buck fever, long distance shooting a broadhead selection. Read the blog below.

1) How many arrows do you typically shoot a day during the off season? Is there anything in particular that you do to simulate a real hunting situation when practicing?

Typically, I will shoot between 20 and 30 arrows per day. Most of these are at 100 yards. The reason that I shoot 100 yards regularly in the summer is because this isn't a chip shot.  It requires me to really focus on my shot execution. That is ow I like to train myself for every shot that way when I'm in a hunting situation. Even if it's a 20 yard shot you make a perfectly executed shot.

2) Please give readers a few tips that will help them increase their archery skills.

As discussed I recommend shooting longer distances than you have in the past.  Next, shoot less shots but at farther distances. (A thousand shots at 20 yds you may not see a flaw in your form, whereas the same flaw could mean a significant miss at 100 yds). Practice shooting in cross winds. This will help you learn how much "bubble" you will need to give for various wind speeds and at various yardages. Use a moveable sight that allows you to use the Archers Advantage computer program. This will save you a lot of time getting sighted in.  With this program you can quickly be sighted in from 0-150 yards.

3) Do you still get buck fever? What do you do to overcome it?

Yes. If I have the time I don't shoot right away. If the animal is just walking slowly or feeding I try to wait as long as possible to allow my heart rate and breathing to slow down. 

4) Do you always use mechanical broadheads when hunting whitetails? Do you practice with practice heads or field points?

Yes. I always use mechanical broadheads when hunting whitetails. The summer months I will just practice with field tips and then 2-3 weeks before hunting season starts I will only shoot my actual hunting broadheads.