Morrell Targets Owner Hunting Gear List from Inside Archery's January 2019 edition, page 44

Morrell Targets owner, Dale Morrell, is a man of high work ethic when it comes to building a business. Even more so when it comes to deer hunting. Since he picked up a bow in the early 70's, he has not been able to put it down. As a multi-decade hunter, he has grown his skill to drop does for the annual meat harvest and deliver world class whitetail. He has hundreds of whitetail trophies added to his hunting portfolio along with Elk, Goat, Sheep, Bear, Hog, Moose, other exotics and the list continues. Most of which are bow kills. Archery is his way of life through business and hunting.

Check out Dale's hunting equipment list on Inside Archery's January 2019 edition, page 44.