Morrell Archery Targets win Bowhunting World Readers' Choice Gold Award 22 years in a row!

For 2017, Morrell is celebrating their archery targets for the 22nd year in a row of winning the Bowhunting World Readers' Choice Award for best archery target. That is a tremendous feat to accomplish for any company in any industry. Hunter's using the brand continue to shoot with confidence as they know they are shooting into a product that is built with quality and affordability unlike a lot of the competitors who either wear out quicker or simply cost more than what their durability is worth. The Morrell brand holds a standard in-between those lines. Morrell focuses on building a product that last longer than our competitors target based on per dollar spent on the target! Isn't that what every product should be built around? This saves money for the consumer and they know they "made out like a bandit" getting the quality of a Morrell. Maybe thats why the overwhelming result of the public choosing Morrell Targets as the best archery target for the past 22 years! Why else would Morrell win this much GOOOOOOOOLD!!!