By Tracy Breen



One of the best known TV celebrities today is Michael Waddell.  Not only does Waddell host several successful outdoor television shows, he is also an amazing shot with a bow. When hunting and shooting a bow is how you make your living, you take the sport seriously, but Waddell doesn’t take anything too seriously. “Many hunters take the sport seriously. I am all about making sure I am a good shot, but I also try to make sure I am having fun.  Sometimes I think the more serious you make it, the harder it is.  Some people practice the sport of archery year round and shoot almost daily.  That’s cool, but I take a more laid back approach.  In the off season, I don’t shoot every day,” Waddell said.  






Instead of shooting nonstop like some bowhunters, Waddell waits until spring before he spends extensive time letting arrows fly. “I like shooting at the Morrell bag targets in the spring and summer because they are lightweight, durable and easy to move around,” Waddell said. When turkey season rolls around, Waddell uses the Morrell Back To Back target which is like shooting at a 3D turkey target, but is portable like a bag target. When summer arrives, Waddell shoots at the Bone Collector targets. “One of the things I like to do is shoot at a variety of different distances.  When the moment of truth arrives, I am ready for everything. In the summer, I shoot at 30 yards, 40 yards and beyond.  Having a target I can quickly and easily move makes shooting in the evening with my kids more enjoyable.  With these targets, I don’t have to break my back to move them from 30 to 50 yards.”






When bow season is just around the corner, Waddell starts long range shooting. “I like moving my Morrell Targets back to 60 yards or so and really focusing on making a good shot. When a buck presents a shot at 30 yards, it seems like a piece of cake even if I have a little buck fever.”






It is important to note that Waddell says you need to always have a little fun. “I love the sport of archery.  I love shooting big bucks and I am willing to work for them, but I want to have fun with family and friends in the process.”






Whether you shoot every day in the off season or just during the summer, make sure to hone your archery skills and have a little fun, especially if you are teaching the next generation how to shoot a bow.