Fall is quickly approaching. Before long, most bowhunters will be sitting in a tree waiting on Mr. Big. If you are planning to be in a tree this fall, now is the time to prepare for deer season. One thing all of us should do this time of year is shoot a few arrows daily. If you want to up your game and be the best archer you can be, consider looking at your shooting form and the equipment you use. Make sure you are doing everything you can to shrink your arrow groups. The good news is being the best archer you can be doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend tons of time shooting your bow or spending tons of money on new gear. Below are a few things you can purchase that won’t break the bank but will greatly increase your overall accuracy.


Make sure you are using as small of a peep sight as you can comfortably shoot. Many people don’t use a peep sight, which is a big mistake. “I use a 3/16” peep sight on my bow. The small peep sight has really helped me shrink my groups, especially at long distances,” Shane Mowery, the host of Bone Maniacs said. When kisser buttons became popular, many people gave up on peep sights, believing that a kisser button provided enough consistency for hunting. You will never see a pro archer shoot without a peep sight and you shouldn’t either.

If you have bad eyes and don’t use a peep sight because you have a hard time focusing when looking through a peep sight, purchase a peep sight that has a built-in magnifier lens. These types of peep sights are extremely popular with older bowhunters.


Another thing that every bowhunter should have on their bow is a stabilizer. Ten to fifteen years ago, every bowhunter put a stabilizer on their bow. As bows became more smooth shooting and quiet, many people quit using stabilizers. The main purpose of a stabilizer is stabilizing the bow when you are shooting. By keeping the bow balanced, it is easier to make an accurate shot. “I use a 10-inch Stokorized stabilizer on my bow. It really helps me keep my bow steady as a rock when I am shooting,” Mowery said. Many stabilizers on the market today are extremely expensive. If you are on a budget, check out the Pine Ridge Archery Nitro stabilizer. They are fairly inexpensive.


Another inexpensive item every bowhunter should use is a wrist sling. A wrist sling is inexpensive, but can make a big difference in bow accuracy. One reason many archers miss their mark when shooting is because they grip the bow too tightly when shooting, often resulting in bow torque which can rob you of accuracy. If a bow is torqued a little bit, your arrow can miss the mark by several inches at long distances. A wrist sling allows the archer to hold the bow loosely and relax their grip, which means less bow torque and inconsistent shooting.

Adding the above items to your bow can be done for $50 to $100, if you shop around and do a little research. The cool thing is once these items are on your bow, you will likely notice your arrow groups shrinking after shooting a few arrows.