Archery Business - Morrell Targets has the Future of Foam Technology

Archery Business wrote an article discuss our new foam formula for the best target in the industry. See article from their website by clicking here. >>


Two things about the new High Roller 21 target caught my eye when I walked by the Morrell Targetsbooth at the 2018 ATA Show. First, it’s an eye-catching target, designed to look like a giant red die. Second, Morrell was playing a looped video that included footage of a front-end loader squishing the target.

Look, I’ve seen my share of marketing videos showing a truck running over a compound bow. But I can’t remember ever seeing someone squish a target on video before. Why would anyone do that? (Besides people who just like to crush stuff with big construction equipment, I mean.)

Then I felt the High Roller, and I understood. Because this target doesn’t feel like other foam targets. That’s thanks to Morrell’s new foam formula: FlexBack Solid Foam. It’s a highly durable and self-healing solid poured mixture.

Now, when I think of highly durable, the word “squishy” isn’t what comes immediately to mind. And that’s what the High Roller is. It’s not as squishy as, say, a stress ball, but it does have some unexpected give to it. But check out this video from Morrell, particularly the front-end loader part starting at 1:07. Despite being well and thoroughly squished, the High Roller pops back into shape within seconds.

Okay, that’s fun and everything, but few archers list “squishable” on their list of qualities their target must possess. They want it to perform. Thanks to that new foam, the High Roller most certainly does. According to Morrell, extensive testing has found the High Roller to have exceptional longevity, and the same properties that allow it to pop back into shape also allow it to heal after being shot. The High Roller can stop projectiles from bows and crossbows shooting 450 fps, and it can handle field tips as well as fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads. It also allows for super-easy arrow removal.

The High Roller offers six shooting sides with a total of 21 bull’s-eyes. This 10-pound target measures 13 x 13 x 13 inches and features Morrell’s EZ-Tote handle for portability, making this target perfect for home, camp and, if you’re in the mood to squish something, the occasional construction site.



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