Archers USA and Morrell Targets, collaborate in creating the best archery event for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree.

Morrell Targets and Archers USA are bringing archery to a new level. 

They are working together to promote the sport of archery and outdoor fun by providing archery training and an experience that the Scouts will not forget!

The Summit Bechtel Reserve Glen Jean, West Virginia – July 21-27, 2017

Over 32,000 youth and adult participants attend the annual National Scout Jamboree 2017. Located in West Virginia, the 10,600 acres purchased by the BSA bordering the New River Gorge National River, provides top-notch facilities.

Morrell Targets have taken a keen interest in seeing today’s youth learn archery. With their generous sponsorship of targets to the Boy Scouts Archery Ranges, they are paving the way to maintaining the legacy of archery. Rhinehart targets assisted Morrell Targets by providing ten dinosaur 3D Targets for the Boy Scout 2017 Jamboree, which gives the kids an opportunity to shoot a life-like dinosaur.

Archers USA has a new program introduced to the Boy Scouts during their 2017 Jamboree, the Individual Shooting Code (I.S.C.). With just 16 steps, ARCHERS USA can filter hundreds of young archers through and shoot bullseyes within minutes! Each Boy Scout will get an Archers USA membership card, where they can record their specific bow settings. Anytime they pick up a bow fitted with I.S.C. system; they can set the settings on the bow to the numbers they previously recorded on their membership card and pick back up where they left off! The Boy Scouts will also be able to sign up for archery giveaways and become a part of the archery community! For more information about the I.S.C. system, visit

“I pledge to do everything in my power to assist our youth in everything they need to become accurate, lifelong archers.” -Dale Morrell, Owner Morrell Manufacturing, Inc.