by Tracy Breen


First realize that shooting your bow does NOT need to take an hour everyday. Sure... most of us would love to spend an hour or more every day shooting our bow, but most of us don't have time to shot that much. When a buck of a lifetime walks in front of us, inmost cases we get one shot at him and that is it. If you don't have time to practice for hours on end, try to commit to shooting an arrow or two a day a couple days a week. Carve out time once a week for a longer practice. An arrow or two every couple of days can really help with proper form. When you are only shooting one arrow, you will likely concentrate and make a good shot.



One mistake many bowhunters make when preparing for fall is only shooting at spots. Although shooting at a target that has nothing but spots is fine, it doesn't prepare you for bow season. One great option is the Morrell Back to Back Target. This target is a 3D target and a spot target all in one that is easy to pick up and take to camp. On one side of the target is a deer vital target; on the other side is a turkey vital target. On each end is spots. With this target, you can sight in by shooting at the dots and when deer season approaches, start shooting at the deer and turkey which forces you to pick a spot on the target instead of aiming at a dot that is already there.


Practice with practice heads and broadheads. Most bowhunters believe that practice heads fly the same as actual broadheads. Regardless, if you are shooting mechanical heads or fixed blade heads, you should practice with both to make sure they fly the same out of your bow. You would hate to find out they don't fly the same when a buck is standing broadside at 20 yards. We would recommend any of our foam targets. ***Remember that broadhead practice should be done for sighting in your broadheads. Broadheads will rip and tear any target and that can be quite costly. Field point targets are meant for long durations of practice and should be used that way. Check out all our broadhead targets in the FOAM TARGETS COLLECTION CLICK HERE!


Bow season has a way of sneaking up on us. Start preparing now by practicing regularly. Good luck this fall from all of us at Morrell Targets! Remember... HUNTING STARTS HERE!


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