Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive. If you have additional questions, contact us.

» How long will my Morrell target last?

It will last for thousands upon thousands of shots. Each target is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Our Super Duper Target is designed specifically for field points and should last the average shooter for years. It even boasts a two-year warranty. However, other targets may be designed for both broadheads and field points alike, so they might not last as long once you begin shooting broadheads into it, because of the extreme damage done by the blades.

» How do I take care of my target?

All Morrell targets are designed with your shooting comfort and enjoyment in mind, which means we design them to withstand the elements of weather (so you can leave them outside). On our bag targets, as long as you keep a good cover on them, they should maintain excellent performance. On our broadhead targets, little extra care is required. For ultimate longevity, keep both broadhead and bag targets covered when not in use, in order to shield them from the sun and rain.

» Will my target stop carbon arrows at high speed? 

Yes! Our targets are manufactured with today's speed bows in mind. They can take it!

» Do your targets come with a warranty?

Our Elite Series TargetsDouble Duty 400 FPS Targets boast an incomparable two-year warranty. Our targets are the only targets on the market today that can make that guarantee. Read more about our two-year warranty here.

» Can I shoot field points into my broadhead target?

We recommend shooting field points into a bag target, strictly for the purpose of your enjoyment. Arrows will pull out of bag targets with one finger. That's nice! However, many people are looking for a target that works well with broadheads and field points. In this case, we recommend our new Vital Signs Combo Target. Shooting both broadheads and field points is very acceptable with this target. Arrow-removal is extremely easy, and you can shoot all six sides of the target, meaning you will have more square inches of target to use.

» What is the best target for clubs?

We believe that for indoor ranges, our Indoor Cube Targets are the best targets available anywhere. Longer-lasting, patented design and better re-sale are just a few of the reasons why they are the best. For outdoor shooting, our Outdoor Range Target is heads and heels above any other target available. The chosen target for the IBO Triple Crown Series for many years, it will take major abuse.