Michael Waddell's Bone Collectors Professional

Nobody beats Morrell.

When preparing for that shot of a lifetime, we place our trust and confidence in Morrell Targets to help us get the job done.

Crush Lee & Tiffany Lakosky Professional

When it comes to building quality targets, Morrell doesn’t play games.

Their products are excellent all the way. They outlast the competition and have the easiest arrow removal. They are quite simply the BEST.

Jimmy Houston Outdoors Professional

Quality. Long lasting. Great value.

Those are the words I’d use to describe Morrell Targets. There’s a reason they’ve been around so long.

Whitetail Freaks Don & Kandi Kisky Professional

All of the whitetail freaks are looking for the highest quality products on the market today, and Morrell delivers.

Their targets can withstand thousands of shots while still offering simple removal of the arrow. The Morrell team knows what they’re doing.

Chase Fulcher Professional

As a professional hunter, my equipment has to be the best.

Preparing for as many hunts as I do in a year requires many hours of practice. That’s why I shoot Morrell Targets and don’t plan on changing.

Nathan Brooks Professional

Morrell Targets are the best in the business.

I take my job very seriously.  So when it comes to practicing, I shoot only Morrell Targets because they take their job seriously, too.  I know I can always count on them to last.

Jimmy Sites Spiritual Outdoors Professional

None compare to Morrell.

I’ve been around a long time. I’ve seen and shot at a lot of other targets. Morrell's are the best targets I have ever used.

Bob Fromme Professional

One of the reasons Morrell has been our #1 selling target line is because they are by far the best value available. 

I’ve sold Morrell targets for years in my store, and that's why I will sell them for many more years to come.

Dale Morrell Professional

New innovation and countless hours of testing go into every Morrell target.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible targets to our customers at an incredible price.

Jennie Richardson NASP

I believe Morrell’s NASP targets are some of the best targets I have ever used.

They are inexpensive to rebuild, going to last the thousands of shots the kids shoot at them, and are affordable for school programs and their participants.

Art Brown Pro Staff

The best targets you'll ever shoot.

  • 2015 IBO Champion
  • 2015 Won 3 National Championships
  • 2014 IBO Shooter of the Year
  • 2014 IBO National Triple Crown Champion
  • 2014 Won 3 National Championships
  • 2013 ASA Shooter of the Year
Nathan Brooks Pro Staff

Morrell Targets are the best in the business.

  • NFAA Indoor National Champion
  • IBO World Champion
  • IBO Triple Crown Winner
  • ASA National Champion
Chris Hacker Pro Staff
Morrell makes the best targets on the market today.
  • ASA Shooter of the Year
  • ASA Classic Champion
  • KC Shoot Out Champian
  • 900 Round Vegas
Sherry Hott Pro Staff

Morrell Targets meet my demands for a daily shooting practice regime.

  • ASA Woman Pro Rookie 2000 Champion
  • ASA Classic Women Pro 2014 Champion
  • ASA Women Pro 3rd Place Title Shooter of 2014
  • 2015 ASA 2 Top 5 finishes in Women Pro Class
  • ASA 33 Top 5 finishes in Women Pro Class in the Past 12 Years
West Houston Archery Dealers

Morrell Targets sell insanely well here at West Houston Archery.

Morrell provides quality product at a very reasonable price.  Keep up the good work Morrell.

Glenn Scott
Archery Manager
Houston, Texas

Adventures Archery Dealers

Morrell targets are durable, reliable, and most importantly, affordable.

Because of the wonderful support Morrell always give us, Adventures Archery uses Morrell targets on both our indoor and outdoor ranges. While most of our Morrell sales are to individuals, we sell a lot of targets to local archery clubs, making Morrell one of the more popular targets in our region.

Ray Roberts
Danielle Edelmann
Tampa, Florida

Hi Tech Archery Dealers

Morrell provides all archers a superior target at a reasonable price.

I have been selling Morrell Targets for many years, and Morrell is the most dealer friendly target company in the industry. I look forward to selling them for many years to come!

Joe Kim
Fullerton, California

Buckeye Outdoors Dealers

We sell Morrell Targets because they make a variety of targets for all ages.

They are durable, can be shot at any distance, plus they make many targets that will stop all arrows from any bow. You get all this plus competitive pricing!

Brandon Rose
Hebron, Ohio

Archery Outpost Dealers

Here at Archery Outpost, we carry only one brand of targets, Morrell.

Their commitment to excellence and customer service to their dealers is second to none.  From an inexpensive field point target, to a top notch broadhead target, Morrell's top quality products are something we're proud to offer our customers.  Simply put, the best!

Glen McGuire
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jay’s Sporting Goods Dealers

In my 20 years of selling Morrell Targets, they have proven to be the best.

From great durability, to easy arrow removal. Plus, they can stop any arrow. They are definitely the most dependable targets anywhere!

Bob Koepsell
Archery Buyer
Clare, Michigan, USA

Mack's Prairie Wings Dealers

Morrell provides a top quality product at a very competitive price that sells extremely well in our store.

Here at Mack’s Prairie Wings we have built a reputation for selling top quality products. when it comes to targets that’s why we sell Morrell.

Jody Smith
Archery Buyer
Stuttgart, Arkansas

Pat and Nicole with DrivenTV
These are the targets we choose simply because they are the best on the market. Period.
Buck Commander

When we practice we need the most dependable target. We'll choose Morrell over any other target brand 10 to 1 every time!

Ted Nugent's Spirit of the Wild
Morrell Targets are Uncle Ted's favorite by a landslide. Nobody Beats Morrell.